Thursday, April 21, 2011

Inga Swearingen on Saturday, June 4

Inspired by songs from all over the world with a special nod towards American jazz standards, Inga Swearingen blends her infuences into a beautiful juxtaposition of styles and emotions. Whether putting her personal stamp on a standard or combining the understated grooves of bossa nova with Swedish folk melodies, Inga captivates her audience with her gift of joyful melodic invention.
Please check out her website;

Inga will be joined by Jeff Miley on guitar and Zack Lober on upright bass.

“Melodies unfold like Virginia Woolf’s best sentences, patiently building to an
expected climax before transcending it like a sweet exhalation of air.”
American Songwriter’s March/April 2010 review of Inga Swearingen's First Rain.

If you would like to reserve a seat for this performance, please email Sandy; This is the last house concert of our ninth season. Thank you to all of the hundreds of people in and around the New York City who have supported our concerts over the years. We will be hosting a new series starting in September 2011, so please check back at the end of the summer for the schedule.

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megndon said...

YEAH!!!! We can hardly wait for Inga's concert in your home, Sandy!!! We'd travel the world to see and hear her and now we get the best of both worlds (the Jenkins and Inga) together in one evening!! Thank you, thank you.... meg