Thursday, October 16, 2008

Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand on November 7th

The Jenkins Family first met Andrew VanNorstrand at Jay Ungar's Ashokan camp where he was on the teaching staff. When we listened to his CD we knew he and his brother were destined to play at 26 West 89th Street. Between the two of them, Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand play more than a dozen instruments. It may sound overly ambitious, but it all comes together into a seamless blend of jazz, Scandinavia, Irish melodies, Cajun rhythms, and bluegrass. Vocally, the brothers' voices blend as only siblings can. The more familiar you become with the artistry of this quietly powerful duo, the more layers you'll discover within the complexities of their music.

If you are interested in joining us, please send me an email at and we will communicate about the details.

Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand are definitely a force to be reckoned with in the acoustic music world. JK [Bluegrass Unlimited – November 2007 Issue]

When it comes to just about every form of acoustic folk music imaginable, it's hard to identify anybody better at playing this great stuff than New York State's own Andrew & Noah VanNorstrand. These two brothers are fun, talented, and, above all great showmen!
Bill Knowlton, Bluegrass Ramble, WCNY-FM: Syracuse, NY

The VanNorstrands plant their feet firmly in the musical traditions of North America, Ireland, and Scandinavia, but their musical imaginations soar, creating melodies and harmonies that are lyrical, exciting, and original. This is music that really makes me sit up and take notice -- and smile.
Susan Conger, performer, composer, and teacher