Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rafe and Clelia Stefanini on Sat. February 27th

RAFE STEFANINI needs no introduction to old-time audiences and musicians. He was born in Italy, and has lived in the US since 1983. His love for Old Time music brought him here first as a visitor in the late 70s, then as a permanent resident. Since then he has established himself as one of the finest interpreters of fiddle music from the South. His dynamic and elegant fiddle and banjo playing was featured in some of the best bands to appear on the scene. Rafe is on the teaching staff at the Ashokan Fiddle and Dance Camp, where The Jenkins met him many summers ago.

CLELIA STEFANINI is following in her father’s footsteps with skills on the fiddle and guitar far exceeding her age of 17, with a style solidly grounded in the older tradition.

Together, the duo presents an entertaining show that includes rousing fiddle duets, old time ballads, songs and banjo tunes. Their new CD “ NEVER SEEN THE LIKE...” will be available at the house concert.

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