Tuesday, July 6, 2010

VOCO and The Jenkins Family at Joe's Pub on July 29th

On Thursday, July 29th, VOCO and The Jenkins Family Band will join musical forces at Joe's Pub located at 425 Lafayette Street in Manhattan. (212) 539-8777 The Jenkinses will open with 30 minutes of some of their favorite tunes including some originals written by our daughter, Cassandra and our son Reid. The set will begin with the trio of Cass, Steph and Reid playing and singing some old-time songs and commence with Richard and Sandy coming to the stage to present some arrangements of some hum-along standards. Then, our friends in VOCO take to the stage to present their mostly a capella numbers with waves of body percussion and vocal harmonies sometimes supported by cello, banjo or accordion. Mark your calendars, call for reservations or get a ticket at the door. Admission is $15, and food is available.
Hope to see you there!