Saturday, August 27, 2016

Geoff Kaufman on Friday, September 9

Geoff Kaufman, recognized as one of the finer tenors on the folk scene today, has been leading audiences to find truth, humor and beauty in folk music for over thirty years, singing sailor songs at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut, environmental songs on board the Sloop Clearwater in the Hudson River; and in solo performances at coffeehouses throughout the U. S. to festivals in Europe.

One of Geoff's great delights for the last twenty years has been being part of an amazing collection of performers who gather each year in August on Swans Island in Maine for the Sweet Chariot Music and Art Festival. That's where he met Sandy Jenkins, host of this concert series (and her incredibly talented family) as well as two people who loom large in Geoff's latest, brand new recording. One, Eric Kilburn, audio engineer and master mandolin player, said he knew the mics he's use for a “next” album, and the other, NYC bassist Ritt Henn was just too good not to invite to be on the project.

So in celebration of this new CD, Geoff has asked Ritt to join him, as well as his favorite female harmony singer, Alison Kelley (also on the album), for and evening featuring songs from “Restless Waters” as well as other favorites of both the performers and audience.

Please RSVP Sandy at: As a courtesy please let us know if your plans change so that we can contact anyone on our waiting list. Our concerts are held about once a month on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.