Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Comments about Saturday's house concert

Thanks for the concert on Saturday night. I really liked the music and the atmosphere you've created there! --Elizabeth W.

Thanks for fitting me into the standing room only crowd. It's always so magical to hear music in your living room. The level of subtlety you can hear was impressive. I bought one of their CDs but it all sounded so much more intense in your house. You'd think that high tech sound studio equipment would deliver something with deeper texture but the intimate Jenkins concert hall is way better. --Cindy O.

I believe it was the most satisfying evening of music I've ever experienced. Your faculty band sounded great with those delicious harmonies, Richard and Rit, Stephanie, Reid, Cassie & Chris,...and then, the icing on the cake-VOCO! They've gotten so tight they breathe in in time. Bless you for generating such a wonderful event. --Richard F.

We were all blown away by the wonderful music in your home last night. We can't tell you how grateful we are to be included in this circle extending from Swans Island to New York and beyond. What can I say about Voco? I had to wipe tears away more than once. They should be famous. We'll work on that...Please pass on the gratitude for sharing your home and your music with us. --Mike W.

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